1. neo

    And how about this bug? The editor does not seem to work on many websites on active themes and plugins https://wordpress.org/support/topic/cant-edit-main-theme-php-files-after-upgrading-to-4-9/


  2. Benjamin

    Clear your transients to solve the bug.


  3. Manuel Canga

    Use following snippet in your functions.php:

    it should solve both bugs.


  4. Swag

    Hi, after the 4.9 update, I can no longer edit my custom html widgets, on clicking on them i get the options either to cancel or delete the particular widget, they do not open as drop-down sections, and it seems I have lost the access to edit the codes or to add new codes in the custom html widgets.

    Please help!


    • Paul Crawford

      hi Swag , I just encountered the same issue with my widgets ,I went to my Hosting provider & they fixed it bye adding a piece of code to the
      php file sorry I don’t have the piece of code it was in chat window &
      I got sidetracked & didn’t copy it grrr .
      try contacting your hosting company they will be able to help with this issue .
      regards Paul @ e-z


  5. Julie

    Many attributes of my post menu aren’t working such as text color, Click to tweet, inserting special characters.


  6. Ryan Hellyer

    This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Relying on cache flushing for something like this seems bound to cause problems. Perhaps reverting to the original system will be necessary.


  7. maykel

    Hi! I have some issues with my page, when i upgrade to 4.9 this broke my permalinks, if you try enter to the link clicking the menu dsnt work and the page stay in stand by. But if you type the link work normally. This problem may change, for example, i have this problem friday, saturday the web is ok, sunday problem again. Can you help me guys? (sorry my english) The page is :www.mifrenchie.com


  8. Davide De Maestri

    I solved using plugin to remove transients (Transients Manager)


  9. Anything Graphic

    This was such a frustrating bug when I ran into it on two different web development project earlier this month. I simply waited 60 minutes for it all to refresh on it’s own both times.

    Very useful tip here though, thanks.


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