WordPress Weekly And The 100th Episode

Well, it only took (insert time period here) but the show itself will have produced 100 WPWeekly branded episodes after tomorrow. To celebrate the occasion, there will be plenty of prizes to give away. In no particular order, here are the prizes donated graciously by their respected owners.

Milan Petrovic of Dev4Press.com has donated two licenses for the GD Press Tools Pro Standard membership and 2 xScape single standard theme licenses.

Ronald Huereca has donated 5 Ajax Edit Comments VIP accounts along with 5 free copies of his WordPress And Ajax e-Book.

Brad Williams has donated one physical copy of his book, Professional WordPress and one copy of the e-book version.

Sleary has donated two copies of his upcoming book, Beginning WordPress 3 that is scheduled for release on June 15th.

To round things out, I’ll be giving away a free lifetime VIP membership to the forum.

How these prizes will be given away is yet to be determined. Prizes will be given away to those who are in the chat room, have called in, and for those who leave comments in the shownotes post for this episode.

New Chat Room:

Since the Talkshoe pro and web clients suck when it comes to having a reliable chat system, I’ve finally decided to implement a chat system myself. Inspired by WPChat.com, I’ve embedded a web client that ties into an IRC channel on Freenode. This will be the new way to interact with the show. I’ve also installed a dynamic talkshoe widget which allows streaming audio so that everyone can participate in the show from the WordPress weekly page instead of going through Talkshoe.

Since the chatroom is hosted on Freenode, those of you who have your own IRC clients installed can point them to the Freenode server and then join the #wptavern channel. Freenode is the same IRC server that the WordPress development channel and regular channel is hosted on. Freenode also supports username registration which is recommended to prevent spoofing. Directions on how to register can be found here.

I know WordCamp Chicago is taking place this weekend which has sold out to 500 attendees but I hope those that can make it will join me for the 100th episode.


9 responses to “WordPress Weekly And The 100th Episode”

  1. Congratulations Jeff on your 100th episode. I’ve been listening to your show for over a year, though never live. You do a great job and I’ve learned a lot from you and your many excellent guests. I like that you are willing to take on any topic related to WP, but you always treat it fairly and give both sides of every issue a just hearing.

    Keep up the great work, and may your WordPress dreams all come true.

  2. Bummed I missed it live. Harder to tune in from this time zone (Hawaii for a couple months).

    Looking forward to the podcast.


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