WPWeekly Episode 100 – The Century Mark

wordpressweekly1In this somewhat historic episode of WordPress Weekly, we had Jake Goldman, Brad Williams and Gil Rutkowski call in from WordCamp Chicago to provide us an update. Based on what was heard by a few attendees, June 14th looks like the earliest date for the release of WordPress 3.0 if everything goes well. Being the 100th episode and all, I gave away some prizes during the show but I have quite a few left over for those that listen to it after the fact.

In order to be put in the running to obtain one of these prizes, you must leave a comment explaining why you enjoy listening to the show or share one of your favorite moments from a previous episode.

The prizes I have left to give away are:

  • Two licenses for the GD Press Tools Pro Standard membership and 2 xScape single standard theme licenses.
  • 5 Ajax Edit Comments VIP accounts along with 5 free copies of the WordPress And Ajax e-Book.
  • Two copies of Slearys upcoming book, Beginning WordPress 3 that is scheduled for release on June 15th.

Ad Copy:

This episode is sponsored by everyone who listens to it. Thank you all for continuing to listen to the show whether you’re new or a veteran of the show.

Stories Discussed:

Improving The Support Forums
Otto To Head The WordPress.org Site Redesign
WordPress And Giving Credit

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Saturday, June 12th 2P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

Download The Show: WordPressWeeklyEpisode100.mp3

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8 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 100 – The Century Mark”

  1. Was a great episode. Specially the GPL part.

    Look forward to the 200th episode.

    Best of luck Jeff.

  2. The show was pretty good and congratulations for hitting the 100th episode. More power to ya!

  3. Thanks for everything you give to the community Jeffro. You are an amazing asset to the WordPress community and I listen to your show every week (albeit not live). I love the show so much, I’ve gone back in time and am in the process of listening to every episode starting from EP 1. I’ve got episodes 15 through 80 left to listen. Definitely my favorite part from the whole show was your series in April on the commercialization of WordPress. As a start-up entrepreneur, diving into the world of WordPress since the past year, that entire series thought me a lot about the industry and gave me some valuable insights and tips.

    Thanks a bunch Jeffro, hope to have the 1000th episode someday!


  4. I haven’t been able to listen to the episode yet, but just got it onto my iPod and set aside an hour tomorrow for it.

    Without having listened though I still wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. Sorry about my bad microphone at first. I’ve found the problem since then, the gain was set way too high by default. :)

  6. Was finally able to listen to this episode (was busy with school for a few weeks, was forced to let WP go into the background for a while) and it was as great as I expected. Congratulations x 100 for getting to episode 100, it’s quite an achievement. Too bad the connections were a little bad in the beginning of the show, but it was great regardless.

    I started listening to WPWeekly during the commercialization shows, and I learned a LOT from those, so those are obviously my favorites, but I fully intend to give a listen to them since I have more free time now.

    Looking forward to 101.

  7. Another great show. Thanks and congratulations Jeff! Your show is one of the handful of podcasts that I actually make time to listen to every episode. It brings the WordPress community together and fosters awesome conversations about the current and future state of WordPress. I especially enjoyed the ‘Commercialization of WordPress’ series. Best of luck on the next 100 episodes!

  8. I’ve sent the necessary information to those who donated prizes of who the winners are. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details everyone.


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