WPWeekly Episode 92 – Interview With Ronald Huereca

wordpressweekly1Unfortunately, I had to cut off about 15 minutes of the show because of audio problems associated with my connection to talkshoe through X-Lite which is usually very stable. The first 15 minutes explained my week of webhosting hell as well as the weird random issues I’ve been encountering but I’ll go into more detail on those in a new post. However, I didn’t cut much out of the interview with Ronald. In thins interview, we get a better idea on how Ajax Edit Comments works, features that were included in the latest 4.0 release, why they decided to go with a price point of only $10.00 a year, various questions concerning the commercial nature of the business and much more. We also get information on a brand new book Ronald is working on that strictly focuses on using AJaX within WordPress. By the way, those who purchase a subscription to WP Ajax Edit comments before the book is released will receive a free copy.

*Special Coupon* – Ajax Edit Comments has already experienced the increase in price that was mentioned during the show. However, I’ve talked with Ronald and he has agreed to give WPTavern readers and WPWeekly listeners a special coupon code that is valid for 48 hours to get the plugin at the original price of $10.00 The coupon code is wptavern.

Also, Ronald has added a PDF preview of his upcoming book, the WP Ajaxa can be viewed here. The preview includes the first three chapters and a table of contents.

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This episode is also sponsored by EnvironmentsForHumans.com This is an organization that brings together expert speakers on a given topic exploring that topic from different angles. There will be a WordPress Workshop day on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 from 9AM – 5PM(CT) — covering setup of WordPress in the morning and then theming in the evening with Matt Harris and Stephanie Leary–as well as looking to WordPress 3. More information can be found at CMSdays.com


I’ll be interviewing Paul Kim of Automattic on Saturday, March 27th to talk about his experiences while working for Mozilla.

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Length Of Episode: 46 Minutes

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  1. The Ajax Edit Comments coupon code also works for all the other packages. The developer package is available for $100.00.


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