WPWeekly Episode 95 – Commercial Plugins

wordpressweekly1In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jake and I chatted with three commercial plugin authors. Two of which are in the middle of maintaining a successful business while the third was just getting started. The panel members consisted of Carl Hancock of Rocketgenius, Jonathan Davis of the Shopp e Commerce plugin and Ronald Huereca of Ajax Edit Comments. We went from the ground up in terms of questions regarding each persons business. Jake and I had large shoes to fill based on the feedback of the commercial themes round-table episode but I think we pulled it off. Thanks to everyone who showed up in the chat room during the show.

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This episode is also sponsored by EnvironmentsForHumans.com This is an organization that excels at getting experts together in a given topic and then exploring that topic from different angles. The next topic to be handled is the UX Web Summit on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CT). This event will teach people how to improve their websites so that they are more responsive to visitors as well as making this more usable. If you’re interested in this summit, visit UXWebSummit.com

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During this episode, we talked briefly about the topic of selling GPL licensed software. To put the issue to rest on whether folks are allowed to sell GPL software or not, please view this link which was passed along during the show. Selling Free Software

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Congratulations to JeremyOLED for winning a copy of the Smashing Book courtesy of Jacob Goldman. If you want to put yourself in the running to win week two, here is what you need to do.

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We’ll be giving a book away for each of the episodes (excluding wrap up). You can participate each week. Each contest starts at 2pm on Saturday with the show’s recording, and ends the following Friday evening. You may participate if you’re outside of the contiguous United States, but will be asked to cover shipping expenses.


Part 3 of this series will take place on April 17th with the Services Round-table featuring Joshua Strebel of Page.ly, Daniel Bachhuber – Formerly of CoPress, and Raanan Bar Cohen of Automattic

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