1. JLeuze

    It’s good to hear that Shopp is doing well and that selling a GPL plugin is an effective business model. That was an interesting point he made about the cost of Shopp being an advantage because it kept the number if users seeking support to a managable level. It seems like a sane and responsible approach that benefits the users and the developers.

    I’d hate to see every really good WordPress plugin be commercial, but it make sense for mission critical functionality like eccomerce. And it’s only fair, by it’s very nature anyone developing a site with a shopping cart should hopefully be generating revenue, so there’s no reason a bit shouldn’t flow back to the developers that enables those transactions in the first place.

    I agree that WordPress.org should have have a commercial plugin page to mirror the theme one. It’s probably not really needed as much due to the number of commercial plugins. But it’s the fair thing to do, and it sets the right tone that responsible commercial developers who share their code and support the community are recognized and get a little link love :)

    I bet after last weekend Robert Scoble, WordPress.com’s first VIP, wishes he was still getting warm towels and cold drinks from Matt and his crew…


  2. Kim

    Did get to tune in last night for the live show (finally!). Enjoyed hearing from Jonathan about his thoughts on commercial plugins and his future plans.

    My answer for the trivia question: Robert Scoble

    Matt’s comment on Scoble’s FriendFeed post about WordPress Worm:

    wolly, Robert was hosted on WordPress.com for about 4 years — he was actually the very first VIP. Although there were dozens of security updates to WordPress in that time, his blog never had a problem because it was always up-to-date. He only switched away a few months ago. – Matt Mullenweg



  3. JLeuze

    @Kim – Did you stick around for the marathon after-show?


  4. Kim

    @JLeuze – Nope, I had to bail out shortly after the show ended. Tuesdays are workdays for me, and I still had things to do before bedtime. How long did the aftershow last?


  5. JLeuze

    @Kim – Yeah, I’ve got to get up early during the week too.

    I’m not sure how long they were at it, but it sounds like it went until the wee hours ;)


  6. Jeffro

    It lasted till about 2 am lol especially when we started talking about the security stuff and end user responsibility.


  7. Andreas Nurbo

    I have to say it was a really good episode and my questions got answered yay.
    Hope they were useful and interesting to others also =).
    One of these days I’ll have to stay up late and tune in live.


  8. Ryan

    Poo, I forgot to tune into the show :(

    Podcast sounds good so far (I’m listening to it right now).


  9. Conorp

    No 3rd yet :) : My answer for the trivia question: Robert Scoble.

    I haven’t listened to the show yet so I cant really comment on it. Sounds interesting though.


  10. Rob Truman

    I just got around to listening to this one. I will play the Devil’s Advocate on this. If the preferred method of monetizing a plugin is from support then dose’nt that encourage less than perfect plugin’s to increase the income potential. As an end-user and I found a plugin that I had to have, I think I would rather pay for the software and get free support. Anyway, just thought I would add my 2cents worth.


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