WordPress Visual Page and Website Builders Make It Easy To Create Ugly Sites

A few years ago, I talked about how great it would be if there were ways to visually build websites in WordPress. Today, tools like VelocityPage and Headway Themes allow users to visually build pages and even entire websites. As I’ve become accustomed to WordPress, I no longer desire these visual page or site builders.

When I watch a five-minute video showing how easy it is to build a great looking website with a site building tool, all I see is dreadful work resulting in endless bouts of trial and error.

I wanted a visual page and site builder because I thought I could do what web designers do without having to pay them money. In reality, when I use these tools, it’s an endless amount of frustration as I try to figure out how to create something that looks nice. I’m that someone who creates ugly looking sites despite having all the coolest and easy to use tools at my disposal. Because of this, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

While not applicable to everyone, it certainly is a reality check for me. VelocityPage and Headway are great products but if I don’t know how to properly harness their power, it doesn’t matter how useful they are.

In 2009, I questioned whether or not a theme developer could go out of business by releasing a theme that puts all of the creative power in the hands of users. According to the poll results, No was the definite answer and four years later, I’m here to say No as well.

Good web designers have an eye for layouts, design, colors, typography, and making those elements work together as a cohesive unit to produce something beautiful. I don’t have that gift. The only thing visual builders have done for me is make it easy to create ugly looking sites. They’re great products, I just don’t have the skills to leverage their power.

Has anyone else used a visual page or site builder only to be frustrated by the results? How many of you have ditched site builders in favor of working with a designer or locating a theme that has most of want you want out of the box?

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