WordPress Unzipper, TavernCamp, GPL And More

Here are the threads that are making there rounds in the WordPress Tavern forum. By the way, we reached a milestone this past week as the forum now contains over 300 registered users!

PixoPoint WordPress Unzipper – Ryan Hellyer shares a script he created which makes the WordPress install process a little easier. As a side note, there is a similar project coming down the pipeline that I’ll be writing about in the near future.

TavernCamp – It looks like plenty of people are supporting the idea that I create some sort of TavernCamp event. The event would be like a WordCamp in so far as containing a ton of WordPress content in the form of interviews or online presentations. I have yet to decide on if I’ll do this event or not but a side of me is leaning towards yes.

Do You Actually Care About The GPL – Don’t worry, this is not another thread that dissects what it means to be GPL compliant. Instead, it’s just a general question asking if you care whether a theme is GPL or not.

New WordPress Podcast – There is a new WordPress podcast gearing up for production. Bryan posted a link to a recent blog post which provides a few names for the show for us to vote on.

Theme Hooks – Dan Cole wants to know in terms of hooks, what makes Thematic, Hybrid, or some other advanced theme better than the Classic and Default themes?

Styling Posts In The Loop – This one comes from the Troubleshooting department where a user wanted to know how to style a particular post versus all the others.

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