Lots Of News From WordCamp San Francisco

While WordCamp San Francisco will be in it’s second day today with the focus on developer topics, Saturday proved to be a huge day in terms of news. I was not able to attend the event but I have every intention of making WordCamp San Francisco the one event I attend in 2010. Thanks to Twitter, I was able to pick up quite a few tidbits of information from the various presentations that took place, notably, Matt’s state of the word. In no particular order, this is what I have.

WordPress And WordPress MU To Merge – Matt stated that from this day going forward, the codebases for WordPress and WordPress MU would be merged together. In what version or how this would transpire was not addressed, only that they would be merged. If you want to talk about this news, join us in the forum.

GPL Compliant Theme Developers Page – Coming soon. That’s about all I could figure out from the event. Remember when I had Matt on the show and he said that they would not be adding a commercial GPL section on the repository because it would cause confusion? Well, I think they won’t be adding them to the same repository but I believe perhaps either a separate repository will be made available to them or, a dedicated page with a listing of Matt approved commercial GPL theme developers will be published and maintained on a regular basis. This is speculation on my part so we’ll just have to see what happens. Also, many people were wondering if commercial GPL plugins will get the same treatment. Time will tell I suppose. (P.S. Don’t debate any GPL crap in the comments or I’ll delete them).

WordPress Cupcakes

Interview with Chris Pirillo discussing building community

Supposedly, all of the presentations will be published on WordPress.TV at some point.

Dave Moyer of the WordCast Podcast blew the roof off the house with his presentation regarding using WordPress to Podcast.

There will be a Blackberry app in the near future. I think we’ve hearing about this for awhile. At least since the iPhone app has been available.

WordPress.org will soon have a community center powered by BuddyPress to help propel their new community reorganization.

According to Matt, 80% of self-hosted WordPress users are now on hosts running PHP 5.

That’s about all I found. A bunch of stuff regarding certain speakers but nothing noteworthy that I could find.

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