State Of The Word From San Francisco

Matt Mullenwegs state of the Word presentation from WordCamp San Francisco is now online over at WordPress.TV. This is the presentation where Matt first introduced the merger between WPMU and, a commercial GPL theme page and a host of other announcements. Thanks to Dave Curlee, John P., and Michael Pick for getting this online. By the way, they did a good job with the video editing.

5 responses to “State Of The Word From San Francisco”

  1. Found it very interesting and illuminating. Especially given the whole monetization debate that’s been going on.
    But I think the Alex Kings segment was a little short. It was just 2-3 min info on what he does =). Could have been expanded I think with more on business and GPL given that was how he was introduced.

  2. @Michael Torbert – Yeah, too bad those WordCamp shirts are not available all year long. Although I can see the point. If you have a shirt but you didn’t attend the event, isn’t that kind of weird?

    @Ryan – I agree. There is quite a bit of information that I could turn into a few blog posts in the near future which is what I am going to do.

    @Andreas Nurbo – I agree. I think he could have went on for a few more minutes but how great is it that this topic had some air time in front of a huge audience?


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