GPL, Theme Critique, WP Showcase, Interview Questions

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Paying To Download GPL Themes – This forum thread regarding the GPL was actually cool to be a part of. We did’nt so much discuss the validity of GPL and what makes something compliant or not but rather, the notion of paying for GPL compliant stuff such as themes and plugins. The conversation gets really interesting when Spirit and Ethics gets involved but it appears as though just about everyone who participated in the conversation is on the same page.

Sam Bauers Possible This Week – While the scheduled interview with Sam Bauers did not happen, I’m still taking user submitted questions for when I’m able to get him on the show. So keep them coming!

WordPress development course or code generator? – Community member Andreas tapped into the forum to discover if there was any interest in a WordPress course which would go from the ground up to give beginning developers a head start. The other idea was a tool to generate code for plugins, menus, tabs, etc. As you’ll see later on in this thread, someone has a domain already cooking to deliver on one of these ideas.

What WordPress plugin would you like to see made? – Is there a specific plugin you would like to see developed that takes WordPress to the next level? Something outside of the box? If you do, respond in this forum thread and give Carl some ideas.

Criteria for showcase – Dave Coveney started this thread wanting to know what the submission guidelines were in order to be accepted into the Showcase. Thankfully, Douglas Hanna of Automattic and the man in charge of the showcase stopped by to provide all of the information that was needed. Doug has informed me that he will be keeping tabs on this specific forum thread so if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding the showcase, this would be the place to ask.

Theme Feedback – New community member Brady stopped by in the forum and requested feedback regarding the new design for his website. Check it out.


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