WordPress Tip: Save a Few Clicks With the Instant Featured Image Plugin

If you spend enough time in the WordPress post editor, you’ll soon discover the minor annoyance of not being able to assign a featured image from the media modal after clicking on the “Add Media” button. You’re required to use the “Set Featured Image” link in the editor’s sidebar in order to do it. But what about those times when you want to feature the image that you’re also inserting into the content?

Instant Featured Image is a new plugin that will save you a net of two clicks in the process of inserting an image and assigning it as featured. It adds a new “Insert & Set Featured Image” button to the Insert Media screen, as seen below:


In the event that you want to select multiple media items to insert, the plugin will set the last image in the selected set as the featured image.

If you want to streamline the process of inserting and featuring an image at the same time, grab this handy tool and add it to your blogging workflow. This is one of those plugins that, after you add it, you may soon forget that it isn’t a native part of WordPress. You can download Instant Featured Image from WordPress.org.


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