1. Glenn Martin

    I’m a big fan of the Block Editor, but this is quite disappointing that it’s not in core.


  2. Gary Taylor

    At the suggestion of another frequenter of the Tavern I downloaded this plugin. A quick and easy fix to a problem that, in my opinion, shouldn’t exist at all.
    It’s also quite hackable; I didn’t need the arrows or more Dingbat-style characters (and as a Brit there was no way I was going to leave it as “Math”), so it also helped me understand Gutenberg plugins a bit more.


  3. Anthony Hortin

    They promised that the block editor would provide, at the bare minimum, the same functionality that the Classic Editor provided. It doesn’t. The lack of the Character Map functionality, which is extremely useful, was raised by multiple people yet they still refused to add it. This functionality should be in core. People shouldn’t have to add a separate plugin just to get back functionality that they had in the Classic Editor.


  4. Stephen Vaughan

    While I like the block editor, it does some things better, it can’t do everything.

    The block editor is not a religion it is just another way to build a website but the way some have caught the block buzz it seem to be the ideology to suggest blocks only at the cost of every other tried and tested approach.


  5. Nick Hamze

    This is a neat plugin. Kudos to 10up. Hopefully this is the first of many plugins they create for the new editor.

    Once the block directory launches and discovery improves this plugin will hopefully be able to help more people.


  6. Alice

    A brief but useful article. I always copy special characters from a Google Doc and paste in WordPress editor once I want to insert them to my blog. I can do it easily know.


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