1. Ciprian Popescu

    This one is doing the job and it optionally loads Font Awesome on back-end or front-end –


    I do think that a rich-text option is good, though, as since the block editor, nothing can be added inline. If I can’t rely on the plugin above for various reasons, I insert the Font Awesome SVG via HTML mode. It takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it from a performance point of view.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Yep, it’s a good solution too. What we need is for the two plugin authors to get together and combine their projects. Rich Text insertion + block-level icons would be a nice combination.


      • Ciprian Popescu

        That is true.

        I see Font Awesome working on a plugin for ages, and it IS the most used icon library out there.

        A good plugin is a must, and it needs to do the job. Simple, light, something that goes as a dependency with every website I build.


      • Joris van Montfort

        It would be pretty easy to add a dedicated icon block to this plugin, but is there really any need for a dedicated icon block if you kan insert them in practically all existing blocks with text options?


        • Justin Tadlock

          From a user-experience perspective, it would be nice. On the block level, it would be just a single icon, which essentially lives in a box. I envision all sorts of design elements, such as text/background colors, alignments, size, shadows, etc. Sure, users could recreate much of this with something like dropping an icon in a Paragraph block and adjusting its block options. However, getting from Point A to Point B makes sense with a dedicated block in some cases.


  2. T. Rosche Ott

    GenerateBlocks does SVG icons really well in most respects. You have control over size, color and positioning, and you can add any SVG.

    But this plugin does add functionality where I currently have to DIY, or not do. I don’t often use icons in places outside of GenerateBlocks buttons or headlines, but when I do I wish I had an equally simple option.

    I know you can also add entire sets of icons to an asset library in GenerateBlocks (this might be a pro feature), but haven’t yet explored whether it’s possible to import Font Awesome or similar libraries.

    In any case, it’s good to see plugin developers iterating on general ideas. Even when it’s a little thing, if it’s something I do repeatedly that without the plugin takes 10x the time, I’m interested (as long as it doesn’t negatively impact site speed or user experience!).


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