WordPress Theme Community In Comic Form

WooThemes has published the 5th iteration of their comic, WooVille. This time they have taken the WordPress themeing community and transformed it into a cool comic. It took me a little while but I eventually discovered the Woo Ninja who was cleverly in disguise with his surroundings. However, as was shared earlier in the week, this particular part of the image is my favorite and the most humorous.

Hiding By Starbucks
Guess Who

It shouldn’t take anyone more than 10 seconds to realize who that person is although the illustration certainly shows a different captain biceps that I know. Also of humorous note is that Matt Mullenweg is up in the air in a helicopter overseeing all of the theme companies. I wonder if that chopper is loaded with lawyer cannons for anyone that wants to go the opposite way of the GPL. I’m joking of course but it’s funny to think of lawyers being shot out of a cannon anyways.

What’s your favorite part of the comic?


2 responses to “WordPress Theme Community In Comic Form”

  1. I like(d) the whole comic in general Jeff, and different reactions/interpretations are (as I’ll say again) very interesting to say the least. While my comment over at WooThemes never intended to massivly insult Chris and/or his business, it turns out I did! =/ If everyone viewed life exactly the same though, we’d get nowhere, so … ?!?

    But I did find the WooNinja pretty quickly, so I win right? ;) LOL


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