WordPress School Is About To Be In Session

If you love WordPress, keep an eye on your calendar for Valentines day 2014 as that’s when WP School is scheduled to launch. WP School is an initiative started by Pooria Asteraky with the goal of bringing WordPress education to the masses. Classified as a (MOOC) or massive open online course, the site will be dedicated to WordPress education and online courses in a variety of different languages for people to use across the world.

WP School Front Page

The start-up is currently within the funding stage. Pooria is using indiegogo to power the WP School campaign. The campaign contains a number of perks for those that contribute funds ranging from discounts to early access to course material. With 33 days left to go, the campaign has raised $1,029 of the $25,000 goal. According to the campaign description, the money would be used to purchase servers, provide an ad free experience, and provide a period of time to allow revenues to be generated to take the place of the initial campaign funds.

We have already made the main investment. Over the last two years we have been doing extensive research and development to plan this project. We have defined the education roadmap, skill levels and all the related knowledge and expertise. We have also developed many courses that will be offered from the first release.

Pooria points out in the campaign text: “Education is the wisest investment for any person or society“. I couldn’t agree more. However, with sites like WPSessions.com, WPMentor.org and others, there seems to be no end to the amount of resources that are available for self-motivated learners to learn WordPress. Can something like WPSchool.org succeed in an online world where so much WordPress information is available for free? In my opinion, the more WordPress learning resources that exist, the better it is for everyone!


4 responses to “WordPress School Is About To Be In Session”

  1. Hi Jeffro
    “Education is the wisest investment for any person or society“ how true is that and yet so many of us learn about WordPress from a post here a tip there and the odd question answered in a forum.

    I’m a Genesis user and much of what I know has come via the Genesis community.

    Thanks for the heads up on a new resource and links to existing resources.

  2. Excellent news! There are a number of very good publications out there for learning the nicks and crannies of WordPress (both .com and .org), but to have some great mooc out there is always appreciated. I hope that more people will be able to get into the deeper parts of WordPress and realize that it’s so much more than a blogging platform.


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