1. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeffro
    “Education is the wisest investment for any person or society“ how true is that and yet so many of us learn about WordPress from a post here a tip there and the odd question answered in a forum.

    I’m a Genesis user and much of what I know has come via the Genesis community.

    Thanks for the heads up on a new resource and links to existing resources.


  2. Luke Crocker

    Excellent news! There are a number of very good publications out there for learning the nicks and crannies of WordPress (both .com and .org), but to have some great mooc out there is always appreciated. I hope that more people will be able to get into the deeper parts of WordPress and realize that it’s so much more than a blogging platform.


  3. pooriast

    Thank you so much Jeffro and WPTavern for this post, It’s really a heartwarming gesture.


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