1. Bruce Gerencser

    I just wish they would fix the compatibility issues with PHP 7. I have not been able to meaningfully use the app since Flywheel updated my sites to PHP 7. WordPress is aware of the problem. That said, I really like the changes they have made to the app.


    • krko

      Out of curiosity what kind of problems are you experiencing with PHP 7 using the app? I’m on PHP 7 as well and haven’t noticed any problems.


  2. Patrick Sletvold

    Personally I would really love a clearer separation between WordPress and WordPress.com. Ideally the names would be more different, but that’s not easy to do something about.

    Splitting the apps would be a great idea, but then I feel the functionality for self-hosted sites without Jetpack would have to be improved. At the current time, I believe you cannot do much more than create/edit posts and pages.

    Also, the Calypso-based desktop app is called WordPress.com, so it would be logical for the mobile apps to be called the same thing.


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