WordPress is Revamping Its Testimonials Page with #ilovewp Social Media Campaign

photo credit: Wear your heart on a string - (license)
photo credit: Wear your heart on a string(license)

WordPress.org is getting some love in 2016. In addition to a beautifully redesigned login page, the testimonials page is in the process of being completely revamped.

The update comes not a moment too soon, as the old testimonials page included entries dating back to 2003 with what are now rather humorous references to b2 and Moveable Type:

I had been an avid b2 user for the last 6 months or so, but then decided to take advantage of WordPress’s features, commitment to extra development and stable codebase. So far, so good. – BC

From my just under 24 hours of experience with WordPress, I’m a happy man. This is fantastic code, and it’s only just getting on its feet! The updates that are forthcoming promise to make this one of the premiere weblog engines on the web today. Good work! I eagerly await your future versions! — Aaron Mildenstein

Aaron Mildenstein may have been peering through a crystal ball when he wrote that testimonial 13 years ago, as WordPress now powers 25% of the web. The software and the community have changed drastically from those early days when it was still vying for legitimacy. There are now more CMS options than ever, and WordPress is the leader of the pack.

Yesterday, Matt Mullenweg posted a call for users to share what WordPress means to them using the hashtag #ilovewp on WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook.

“Think of something that you love about WP that would make someone who hasn’t heard of it, or is on the fence about using it, compelled to try it out,” Mullenweg said.

Twitter is filling up with heart-warming snippets of how WordPress has opened up opportunities for people to make a living and be a part of a community that is changing the web:


The most striking change in the testimonials today versus the early ones in 2003 is that WordPress is now much more than the sum of its distinguishing blog features. For many users, WordPress means a chance to make a living while taking care of their families and a chance to connect to a global community of people who believe in open source software.

As for me, I love WordPress because it gives people a voice. It puts the power of publishing into the hands of every day people. I also appreciate that the people behind WordPress, all the way up to the very top, are defenders of free speech and advocates of the open web. Even if the technology behind the software makes radical shifts, WordPress’ guiding principles are what make it a publishing platform that will stand the test of time.


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