Akismet Looking For New Testimonials

Over at the Akismet blog, there’s a new post asking users if they appreciate Akismet. The site is currently going through a redesign and new testimonials will be published when it’s finished. Now I know some of you have had your share of bad experiences with Akismet, especially when it comes to leaving comments on someone else’s site and being labeled as spam but in my own experience, Akismet has served me well with very little in the way of problems. So far Akismet has protected this site from 30,739 spam comments already. I’m interested in hearing what the number is like for your site.


6 responses to “Akismet Looking For New Testimonials”

  1. Akismet has a big problem but it’s not catching spam.

    The problem is the constant false positives.

    This keeps moderators very busy, it’s very annoying and completely confuses new users who sometimes get “spammed” without understanding what has happened (and then admin sometimes miss the user’s post for days).

    Before asking for testimonials they should work on reducing that problem.

  2. Can they really? Spam detection isn’t mathematical science, there is no guarantee that the solution to a problem is always going to be the same. Spammers aren’t forced to identify themselves, and they are growing half enough of a brain to imitate what they believe should look like a human response.

    I would honestly be a lot busier without it then with. I have never run anything remotely in the realm of popular or high traffic, and I’ve been nailed with so much spam that not having Akismet would have probably driven me to the brink of detonating some semtex in my datacenter.

  3. I rarely have any trouble with Akismet, I manage a blog that gets more then a thousand comments a week and Akismet rarely marks legit comments as spam.

  4. Although my personal blog doesn’t have the same amount of traffic as others, Akismet has provided me with 99.981% accuracy. Overall, I have found it to be the best solution for myself.


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