1. Christopher Simmons (@tophersimmons)

    Using the new setting (default is ON) – on two sites so far. One site, still in production (entertainment, fiction, etc.) was getting up to 4,500 spam comments (per day!) — blame my good use of social media to raise visibility, but holy hell. The new feature is making my daily job much easier. Yay Akismet!!! 31,100 spam comments caught in the first 23 days of April; 61,000 in the past six months. I’ve been using Akismet for years, but wow. Now it’s absolutely one of the most necessary tools out there.


  2. Len

    Like Christopher mentioned above, I too am using the new feature. I was getting huge amounts of spam in the spam folder every day. That has been cut down to just a handful now. :)


  3. Carolann

    I just started my blog a few months ago and discovered Akismet just two weeks now, and wow…already a ton of spam thwarted! So grateful for it. Thanks for the post – #awesome


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