1. Emil Uzelac

    That’s huge!


  2. Ruairi Phelan


    In the past few weeks I have experience a sharp decline in the spam that I receive. It is literally down to a fraction of what I previously received. I am wondering if everyone else has been experiencing this?

    I connected to wordpress.com via Jetpack, is this what is responsible? It would make a lot of sense if it is.

    Akismet, to my knowledge, is my lone defense against spam and it is does a great job, saves so much needless hassle.


  3. Dare

    Hi Jeff,

    I can’t really say of the same thing on my blog. When I launched my new blog, it came preconfigured with Akinsmet plugin, but was not active unless I get the API key which has to do with purchasing the key, however, I could not.

    I removed it and installed other plugins to do similar thing ( Capthca checker plugin), GASP e.t.c. but it is not showing up on the page, and hence not doing what they are supposed to do. I manually had to be deleting at least 2-4 spammy comments every day.

    Could the problem be from my theme?

    The blog in question is:


    • George N.

      You can still use the plugin without paying for it.
      Simply select the personal plan when signing up for the API key, then move the slider to the left to change it from paid to free i.e. it should now show $0.
      Hope that helps


  4. Summer

    One one of my sites we would get anywhere from 150-250 spam comments a day, on a regular basis. Akismet would toss most of the into the spam bucket, but I hadn’t realized that my comments meta table was getting out of control because of how much info about comments Akismet was “tracking”.

    The helper plugin I started using was WP Conditional Captcha, because it came with a control to disable Akismet’s comment history instead of having to fiddle with admin.php as one thread on wp.org suggested. I did have to manually delete all that historical data from my database, approx 80Mb worth of useless comment meta cluttering up the mysql database ever since they’d added that “feature” to Akismet, and the history cleanup they added in didn’t (doesn’t?) work.

    I still get about 20-40 comments a day or so that I have to delete out of spam, maybe 5-10 per week that I have to manually mark as spam, but my database is still normal sized (for how old the site is), and my comments are mostly clean :)


  5. George N.

    Thanks for the post, Jeff.
    Akismet is one of the smartest plugins when it comes to catching spam comments.


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