1. Vosyatronik

    Just checked the comic out… it’s really cool – I hope the next few episodes come out soon. Cant wait to read more. Akismet FTW!


  2. Quinten Sage

    Thank you for the positive feedback guys. I would like to thank everyone for visiting the comic website, If anybody has any feedback or characters they would like to see in future seasons/issues please let me know via the contact form on my site.

    Issue 2 features the arrival of a new character which helps web boy diagnose coding errors????

    Keep your eyes peeled and dont forget to subscribe

    -Quinten Sage


  3. Destination Infinity

    Comic is fine alright, but what is WP doing with Akismet? I have a simple plugin called WP-Captcha-Free and it does a great job of preventing the spam comments (not linkbacks though, which i have disabled). It simply checks if the comment is made by a real user from a browser. Its simple and effective – I have got no spam in the last 4-5 months that I am using it. Akismet on the other hand, blocks every tom dick and harry. There are more false positives (genuine users not able to comment on certain sites, because some rogue users have marked them as spam). Someone should tell them that there are more simpler options available.

    I am reminded of the ink story – The US tried so hard and put in millions of dollars to make ballpoint pens with ink that can write on the moon. The Russians just used pencils. This applies to Akismet perfectly.

    Destination Infinity


  4. Jeffro

    @Quinten Sage – Looking forward to future webisodes of the comic. You could take this any number of different ways. I’m going to guess that the arch nemesis will be a designer that rips you off or something that copies designs. Maybe the Copyright Infringement guy lol.


  5. Quinten Sage

    Hi Jeffro, We have a great evil nemesis making his first apperance in the next issue and will be formally introduced in later webisodes. Your going to love him and its someone that every single designer & developer has come across.

    Please any suggestions that you may have leave a comment on the comic, we consider every suggestion and many of them have already been worked into the future comics!


  6. Quinten Sage

    Hey everyone, just to let you know that webisode 2 of the Web Boy Comic is now out and can be viewed at http://www.webboycomic.co.uk/comic/web-comic/hello-firebug

    Please feel free to come check it out and leave a comment !


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