WordPress Inline Documentation Marches Forward: 50% Complete

When the Inline Documentation project was started in July at WordCamp San Francisco, a handful of contributors set out to tackle a massive list of hooks in 195 files. This effort continues and the team is hoping that they will have the hook documentation completed in time with the WordPress 3.8 release in December. Kim Parsell posted an update on the project and said that the progress to date is right at 50%.

Documentation Sprints at WordCamp Contributor Days

photo credit: nacokomc
WordCamp Europe Contributor Day: photo credit: nacokomc

Some of the most recent WordCamp contributor days added new contributors to the ranks and spurred on a good chunk of the documentation to reach that 50% mark. Coordinators for WordCamp Toronto, WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Sofia all included inline documentation as part of the contributor days, resulting in 35 more files documented and 47 people receiving props for submitting inline docs patches. More progress is also on the way in patches waiting to be reviewed.

How to Get Involved in WordPress Inline Documentation

Check out the master list for the remaining hooks that need to be documented and jump in on that post to claim ones that you want to work on. Make sure to read the PHP Documentation Standards, especially the newly updated sections on Documenting Tips, Formatting Guidelines and how to document duplicate hooks. Your contributions can help this project reach completion by the time WordPress 3.8 is released in December.


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