1. fwolf

    That bit about HelpHub is good to know. Time to mass-backup the Codex … the so-called “Developer Handbook” is still rather worthless, although I have to admit that the end-user side always was quite the chaos.

    cu, w0lf.


    • David Artiss

      the so-called “Developer Handbook” is still rather worthless

      Hi w0lf. I’m one of the Docs contributors.

      I’d been keen for you to share your concerns about the handbook. With that and HelpHub replacing the Codex, it’s important that any issues/concerns are addressed early.

      The best way for anyone to get involved with documentation, even to feedback on things such as this, is via the Slack channel, which you can sign up for at make.wordpress.org/chat. You can be part of the on-going discussion and, if you want, get involved in the changes being made.


  2. Bob

    OMG…I just read a few things on the “new” HelpHub and it’s an absolute joke. Spelling mistakes….grammar mistakes….who the heck is writing that crap?


    • David Artiss

      A lot of hard-working volunteers Bob. Please feel free to join us and make any of the corrections that you’ve seen.


    • Jon Ang

      If you’re looking at the actual staging site, it’s a migration from the Codex.

      The Codex is freely editable by anyone with a WordPress.org account.

      When editing is complete, we’ll likely have eradicated those spelling or grammar mistakes.

      That being said, those work come from great contributions made by average WordPress.org users, developers, testers, designers etc alike. Some of them likely don’t practise English on a regular basis.

      If you feel like you could contribute to the writing, ping me on Slack ? That is @kenshino

      DevHub, Helphub, Codex and all parts of make.wordpress.org are created by volunteers. You could be one of them!


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