WordCamp Europe Contributor Day to Host 13 Workshops, Event is Nearly Sold Out

WordCamp Europe’s Contributor Day is set for Thursday, June 15th, 2017, the day before the conference days begin. Attendees will be split into contributor teams and this year the event will also feature four talks and 13 workshops. The selected team leaders are long-time WordPress core and community contributors from around the world.

Scheduled talks include topics aimed at contributors, such as “How the WordPress Security Team Works” and “Why Your [Translation] Community Needs a Glossary.” The workshops are more educational sessions that kickstart contribution, i.e. setting up a development environment for contributing to WordPress, internationalization for developers, JavaScript in core, and learning how to contribute code to the Meta Team, among other topics.

The Contributor Day schedule was published to the event’s website today with room locations identified for teams, talks, and workshops.

Capacity for the event is 500 attendees, which is larger than many WordCamps. As of this morning, there were fewer than 50 spots remaining. Contributor Day signup is separate from the WordCamp registration and is still open for the last few available tickets.



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