WordCamp Europe 2017 Announces Speakers, Opens Registration for Contributor Day

WordCamp Europe 2017 has been rolling out speaker announcements over the past week, slowly building what appears to be a strong lineup of both European and international WordPress experts. Speaker names are being released in thematic groups, the first dedicated to development topics, followed by business and content/marketing groups.

Registration for Contributor Day, which will be held the day before the conference on Thursday, June 15th, is now open. Organizers are expecting more than 3,000 attendees for the WordCamp, but Contributor Day is limited to 500 registrants. The signup form allows attendees to select up to two different contributor teams they would like to participate in.

In addition to the traditional contribution activities, Thursday’s event will also feature workshops and talks for beginners and those who want to learn more about topics such as JavaScript, Vagrant, internationalization, security, accessibility, and plugins. The workshops will be announced at a later date.

WP Tavern will be on the ground in Paris to cover WordCamp Europe as an official media partner. We’re looking forward to connecting with the European WordPress community and finding the stories that might otherwise go untold. The last remaining tickets are selling quickly. There are 288 micro-sponsor tickets left and just 308 general admission tickets remaining before the event is sold out.


4 responses to “WordCamp Europe 2017 Announces Speakers, Opens Registration for Contributor Day”

  1. Hi there … I’m a total newbie to wordcamp and just want to ask if to attend workshops I need to subscribe to contributor day… Thank you

    • Hey Carlo. Yes, if you want to attend the Contributor Day (where there will be workshops, among other things) you have to register for it separately. Of course, you should already have WordCamp Europe conference ticket if you want to attend Contributor Day. Hope this helps :)

      • Hi Emanuel,

        thank for you answer.
        I’ve submitted my “subscription” through the form.

        Actually I’ve received no confirmation nor feedback and I don’t know if I have done something wrong.

        Anyway we will see… I hope for the best!
        Thanks again


        • Don’t worry. If you finished the survey then we have you registered. Once the registrations close we will send all the necessary information to those who registered, including you. Also, I’d recommend you subscribe to our WCEU blog to get notified about anything CD or conference related.


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