1. Beachbum

    You are the true Dan Rather of WP. Cheers 2 U. Best site ever. ROTFL @ like_escape


  2. jeherve


    Thanks for the summary I will go have a look at the logs, to see if there is an svn version of 2010, to have a look at the work in progress. I am really curious about this theme!


  3. Lars Tong Strömberg

    Nice to read about the MU consolidation! Had some bad nervous feelings for this part and it is great they seem unwarranted.


  4. Otto

    like_escape is a special function that handles making some of the database queries safe. In SQL, The “LIKE” keyword has special rules and so it needs special handling. If the handling isn’t done totally properly, there’s potential security implications.

    Problem is that the documentation and spec isn’t totally clear, so correctly implementing it means doing lots of tests and figuring out the rules.


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