WordPress Dev Chat For 10-22-09


Upgrade notification in core

The consensus is that it will not happen. However, Lynne Pops idea to change the first default post in a new install of WordPress to something that contains useful information will likely happen. No update email in core. Use the mailing list. Improve the copy in the first post to give hints and tips like subscribing to the list.

Trac voting

I was responsible for this question. In trac, each ticket has an up or down arrow where people can vote yes or no with regards to their approval of the ticket or to get it in core. As I suspected, the votes mean nothing and the up or down arrows are for decoration.

Multiple custom image sizes with retroactive image reprocessing

Leogermani wrote a patch that adds the possibility to add multiple custom sizes in addition to the core thumnail, medium and large. It also lets you regenerate all the thumbs, in case you changed any size. A few folks were not too keen on the rebuilding effect on previous images the patch would include and it won’t make it into 2.9. However, an edited patch looks good for 3.0.

Mailing lists

The recent WordPress Security thread on the hackers mailing lists ruffled a few feathers of long time members. So, the idea was to create a mailing list for what some deem as useless discussion. There will be a renewed effort to state what the hackers list is meant to be used for in terms of the discussions and content. Westi and others may act as more of a figure head as well. Enhancing this page is a good start which covers mailing list etiquette.

#WordPress ops

Thank goodness this simple thing is over and done with. Matt has added the following people as ops to the WordPress IRC channel. sivel, Viper007Bond, bazza, MarkJaquith, Ozh

Trac configuration

This had to do with enabled XMLRPC into Trac but it’s above my level of comprehension so if you’re interested, the conversation picks up here.

How To Participate:

If you want to suggest a topic to be discussed at the next meeting, you can by visiting the WordPress development updates blog. If you would like to participate in the chat next week, install IRC or an IRC compatible client and connect to the following IRC server.

chat.freenode.net or any random server on the Freenode network and then join this channel at 5PM Eastern time or 9PM UTC Thursdays. The meeting day was changed to accommodate European users.#wordpress-dev.


3 responses to “WordPress Dev Chat For 10-22-09”

  1. Viper007Bond who is the guy behind the new oEmbed feature in WordPress 2.9 suggested that there be a way to add support for some more sites out of the box that don’t support oembed.

    Erm, no I didn’t. :)

    I was asking for a bit of a brainstorm of what the popular video sites were so that they could be supported natively by WordPress. Someone else suggested a UI (rather than the existing function call) for being able to add more whitelisted oEmbed providers so non-admins could use them. Completely separate things.

  2. Oh cool! I got a mention on wptavern – yay! I hope my idea is implemented (Lynne Pope, btw – note the “e” ;) ) and would happily submit a patch for it. All that is needed to make it happen is for the WP core team to commit to using the WP-Announcements mailing list to announce new final releases and whether these include security enhancements or not.

    Interesting about the trac voting – are you sure its really ignored?


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