1. Danny Brown

    Just tried it, and very clean experience for sure. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose between how the post is displayed front end.

    I use a theme that allows the choice between left, right, or no sidebar, and that option isn’t there in the new editor.

    Also, the ability to manually Save Draft seems to have been removed, which – while not a biggie – does leave a little less confidence in work being saved properly before publishing.


    • Jeff Chandler

      In the top left next to your blog title, you should see a Save link. When anything new is added to the editor, it becomes blue and clickable.


      • Danny Brown

        Ah, yes, now I see it. Very easy to miss, compared to the current set-up.
        It would make more sense to swap the “edit URL” feature for the “save”
        feature, and just let you edit the URL directly if you wanted to.

        Still, a clean interface, bodes well for future iterations.


  2. Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva

    The “new editor” revolution was to put the post options from left to right, as it was before …
    (I did not resist the joke, sorry)

    In fact, the new editor design looks cool, great work!


  3. Gordon R Harris

    Each time WordPress “improves” the editor it makes something worse.The view page link now shows an overlapping preview instead of a page. There’s already a link for that. There are two workarounds: (1) Use the back button on the browser and refresh. But this closes the edit page. Very annoying and time-consuming. (2) Open the page or post in two tabs. Use one for editing, and refresh the other one after you save.


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