WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” Introduces a Revamped Site Editor, Distraction-Free Writing Mode, and Updated Block Inserter 

image credit: Charles Mingus Sextet – Feat. Eric Dolphy – Take The A Train

WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” was released today, named in honor of American jazz alto saxophonist, bass clarinetist, and flautist Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. This is the first of three planned major releases in 2023. It includes more than 900 enhancements and bug fixes, with a strong focus on improving the site editing experience.

One of the major highlights of the 6.2 release is the completely revamped Site Editor interface. The browse mode style of navigation lets users quickly slide between editing and previews of templates and template parts, with a new unified design that makes it feel like it’s all part of the same application.

Color-coded labels have been added in 6.2, which give users more visual cues in finding their template parts and reusable blocks inside the List View, the Block toolbar, and on the Canvas.

With these and other updates, the Site Editor is now out of beta. Inside the admin, the About page includes beautifully designed screenshots of each feature with the vibrant blue color that has become part of WordPress’ identity in the new design that is slowly being rolled out across WordPress.org.

WordPress 6.2 About page

For those switching from a Classic theme to a Block theme, widgets that are imported will now automatically become Template Parts to make it an easier transition.

Improved Navigation Block Experience for Managing Menus

Managing Navigation menus just got easier with a new sidebar inside the Site Editor that allows users to quickly add, remove, and reorder menu items.

WordPress 6.2 About page

Updated Block Inserter with Media Tab and Openverse Integration

The Block Inserter is sporting a new design that better integrates media, making it faster to insert images, video, and audio, with a new tab alongside blocks and patterns. Users can select the new tab and select a media type to see the ten most recent items.

WordPress 6.2 also adds integration with Openverse to this new media tab. Users now have access to the Openverse library of more than 700 million free-to-use openly licensed and public domain works, directly inside the editor. Clicking on an Openverse image will instantly insert it as an Image block with the proper attribution and license automatically added to the caption, a much faster experience than downloading and uploading to the Media Library.

New Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress 6.2 introduces a distraction-free writing mode that offers a more focused writing experience, hiding unnecessary interface elements from the editor. This video from the 6.2 testing guide shows how it can be enabled and disabled.

video credit: WordPress 6.2 Testing Guide

Other notable features and updates in 6.2 include the following:

  •  A new collection of header and footer patterns for block themes
  • Scaled block settings with split controls to better organize Styles and Settings options
  • A new Style Book that displays every block in the site’s library at a glance where they can be previewed and edited globally
  • Copy and Paste styles between blocks
  • Improved pattern insertion with patterns organized into more categories, like headers and footers
  • Custom CSS support sitewide and for specific blocks
  • Sticky positioning to keep top-level group blocks fixed to the top of a page as visitors scroll
  • Improved privacy for default themes with locally hosted Google Fonts

WordPress 6.2 was made possible by more than 600 contributors across 50 countries, with 178 of those contributing for the first time. Update today to get access to all these new features and bug fixes. For the most comprehensive coverage of all the under-the-hood changes for developers and extenders, check out the WordPress 6.2 Field Guide.


10 responses to “WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” Introduces a Revamped Site Editor, Distraction-Free Writing Mode, and Updated Block Inserter ”

  1. Perhaps I have missed this, but when was auto spell check and auto capitalization added to the Custom HTML block?

    Does anyone know how to shut this huge annoyance off please?

    Thank you very much!

      • Thank you @Jeroen!

        You are correct. I seldom use this block, but I have been using the Custom HTML block a lot over the past several weeks using the Safari browser. I noticed in Safari’s settings under “Autofill” that “Other forms” was checked. Sure enough, the site I was working on was listed there. Apparently, Safari automatically adds websites to this Other forms as the site I’m working on has several forms. The auto spell corrections within Custom HTML block occurred the morning after WordPress 6.2 was installed on the site; so I presumed it was the culprit! (I am sorry WordPress 6.2 dev team members!). Thank you for the brilliant lead @Jeroen and @Markus Finell

  2. Does anyone know how to disable Yoast tabs (there are two in my site, I might want one but the other is just clutter) in the Style Book?

    Side note to Yoast: Please do better. You are now over version 20 because you release a new update every day. Your notices are all over client sites all the time (it’s promotion, I get it but I don’t care). You take over the editor UI by default without asking. I am not arguing that the plugin / service is good or not. Just that as a developer I don’t want part of my job to be turning off Yoast features every day.

  3. “WordPress 6.2 was made possible by more than 600 contributors across 50 countries, with 178 of those contributing for the first time.”

    I hope this is not too much to ask. Is there a way to find out those 50 countries?

    Ethnically I am Croatian and Peruvian. Live in Canada. It is always nice to see the diversity of people contributing. Are there any contributors from either Croatia or Peru?


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