WordPress.com Not Just For Blogging

startupgeeklogoIn a recent episode of WordPress Weekly, I discussed with Ryan Hellyer on why anyone would use WordPress.com for a serious blog or venture. In my opinion, if someone were serious about their project, they would get their own domain, hosting, etc and do it all themselves. However, I came across a post by StartupGeek.org which ended up explaining a cool idea on how to use WordPress.com to host a user guide.

I started looking into online help systems around the open source ecosystem. It seemed that everything I found was either overly complex or required time from my development & system administration team.

As my frustration level grew I realized that WordPress was a solution I could use. With WordPress.com I didn’t need technical help from my overloaded developer team. I didn’t need any training since I already know the application from blogging. And of course, the price is just right for a start-up company.

I think this was a great idea on the part of David Abramowski, one I wouldn’t have thought about myself since I consider WordPress.com to be all about blogging. Obviously, it’s not.

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