1. New Book About WordPress.com: “The Year Without Pants” Is On Sale Today

    […] Year Without Pants book release comes just a day after WordPress.com was ranked #8 for monthly traffic in the US, passing Yahoo, Pinterest, Tumbler.com and others to make the top 10. Huge congrats to Scott for […]


  2. Andre

    Just goes to show how the internet is increasing day by day!

    I dont see blogger in that list…


  3. What WordPress Can Learn From the Ghost Project

    […] for themselves. Many people have no time for managing hosting and software updates, hence the success of WordPress.com, which is currently ranted #8 for traffic in the US. Ghost intends to offer a […]


  4. WordPress.com Moves Up to #7 Ranked Website for US Traffic

    […] 7th most trafficked website in the United States. This comes after just a month ago, WordPress.com slid into the #8 spot, passing Yahoo, Microsoft, Yelp, Pinterest, and Tumblr for a place in the top […]


  5. Matt Mullenweg Takes On New Role As CEO of Automattic

    […] Toni Schneider on their new positions in Automattic. With their flagship product WordPress.com now ranked 8th for traffic in the US, I’d say the two are working together quite […]


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