1. Adam Pope

    How about a hurrah that It’s ranked No.1 in so many other countries (UK, NZ, Brazil, Oz, etc.,); I guess the rest of the world is kind of irrelevant considering how, like, great the rice beer and spycraft in the ol’ US of A is though 8^)


    • Ted Clayton

      Is WP really #1 in UK, NZ, BR n AU?

      I checked each of these countries, and ‘wordpress’ does not occur in the top 100 entries shown for any of them. There are several Hidden Profile entries in high positions on each list, if WordPress is somehow hidden.

      The payoff for glancing at these other country-rankings, though, is how drastically different they are, from the US list.


  2. Ted Clayton

    A little volatility in the data, maybe?

    I’m intrigued to see Ancestry.com at #61. Genealogy has a rep for being fuddy … but there are more folks entering the genealogy-interest phase of life, all the time. The Baby Boomer generation is now primed for genealogy. Youth-markets aren’t everything…

    It has been recognize for years, that the WordPress code is well-adapted to genealogy activities, the product has the modest learning curve to suit the field … and the only solid reason for not embracing it is most Dev are young, and professionally they want rocket science, instead of retirement pleasures.

    … And, genetics is about to blow this field wide open. Hmm?


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