Toni Schneider Interviewed On TechCrunch TV

Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic was recently interviewed on TechCrunch TV. In the interview, they discussed the new vertical launched on for restaurants. There were a couple of things within this interview that I found fascinating.

The first is that across the Automattic network which includes sites such as PollDaddy, Gravatar, VaultPress and, Quantcast reports 660,000,000 monthly unique visitors making it the largest network on Quantcast.

The second is that, operates on the principle of small, incremental changes to the service. Because of this, has gone through about 50,000 versions of WordPress, if every change was a bump in the version number. Even at their current size and scale, they still release multiple batches of code every day.

Thirdly, I thought it was interesting that Toni Schneider basically said that is following the lead of the overall WordPress community when it comes to features and or verticals on

Last but not least, WordPress powers 17.2% of the web, Joomla powers 3% and Drupal has 2%. Everyone else encompasses the rest of the 100%. So while it seems like everyone and their mother as well as their grandpa has a site on WordPress, there is still a huge segment of the market that’s been untapped by WordPress.

After watching the interview, is there anything that surprises you or is this all par for the course?



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