WordPress By Example: A Search Engine for WordPress Themes

WordPress By Example LogoA few days ago, we mentioned an article by WPShout.com that explained how to find live examples of WordPress powered sites using themes. Today, I wanted to share a new site that’s been launched called WordPress by Example. It’s a WordPress specific search engine designed to showcase sites using themes related to search terms such as photography, or weddings.

Developed by Joris Van den Bogaert, WordPress by Example has three different ways you can search. Organic, Premium WordPress Themes, and Free WordPress Themes. Just like any other search engine, this one works via keywords. In this example, I used the keyword of weddings with the organic search option.

Organic Search Results From WP By Example

While some of the results were relevant, displaying modified themes catering to weddings, other results were not as relevant. When you click on any of the results, a larger image is displayed with a link at the bottom that takes you to a page with more information about that result. The additional information shown includes what theme is being used on the site, information about the site, and the source of the theme. Within the right sidebar, there are buttons to buy the theme, visit the actual website, or view a demo of the theme in use on the site. As you might have guessed, the buy button is an affiliate link.

A Nice Alternative To The Typical WordPress Theme Search Engine

There are now hundreds of themes that are released for WordPress everyday. Most have a price tag while others are free. With all of the various WordPress themes available in so many different places, a cottage industry has developed trying to organize and index all of them. Examples include QualiThemes, ThemeSorter, and Yellow Themes. None of these theme finders show sites actually using the theme.

While I like the idea behind WordPress by Example, I couldn’t help but notice the number of websites that were butchered beyond recognition. This is why I think it’s better for a theme company to put together site showcases that really show off what the theme is capable of. If nothing else, this search engine shows why good web designers are still needed. Apparently, there are not enough to go around.

Give the site a try and tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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