1. Bradley Allen

    I definitely like the look of the new design, but I’ve been waiting to see if the link to the theme’s changelog will reappear. Previously, there was a link to view the changelog, but now it seems we must download the theme to view it. Are there any plans to bring back a link to the changelog?


    • Jeff Chandler

      I’m not aware of themes being able to have a changelog, at least not one supported by default by the directory. It’s something I’d like to see more themes adopt.


    • Blue Lotus Works

      Perhaps referring to the development log (subversion repository and browse in trac)? The links are all under the “Browse the Code” section in the left sidebar for each theme’s page.

      It would be good for the theme review team to develop a changelog standard. Many themes in the directory have one. You have to look for it. It can be a separate changelog text file, in a readme file, at the themes website or many other “creative” locations. We’ve also seen it as comments in style.css or functions.php.


  2. Akpan Promise

    This design is catchy and I really like it. I hope WordPress adds schema.org to its repository, my site though has integrated it, but it would be a lot cooler if it is general. But good work all the same


  3. Bill Robbins

    Commercial themes aren’t the main goal of this page and that’s great. Every page needs a purpose. the previous design was text heavy at the top and that likely led to more clicks on the commercial link.

    Perhaps instead of a simple listing of commercial companies like we have now, the directory could include commercial themes that have gone through a vetting process similar to wp.com. With all the ranting that goes on about Theme Forest, I would hope WordPress.org would really try to help commercial theme companies who are doing things “the WordPress way.”


  4. Shapeshifter 3


    For the Free Themes: how about adding more useful Categories to the the Feature Filter’s subject column?

    (just a thought)


  5. Andre

    Quote “prominent placement of “Commercial Themes” link” is actually not really true. In fact, despite the location of the link, it’s almost in a blind spot based on how people’s eyes view the overall page. When the new theme directory went live, I was wondering where the commercial link was until I took more time to examine the page, only to finally see it come in view. It’s located in a darker grey bar and is easily missed.

    It appears that wordpress.org is looking to phase out the commercial listings, or at least placing it “all back of the bus”.


    • Dave Chu

      I’ll have to admit that I totally missed the Commercial link, so you’re right! :) Where have I been?

      Of course, I do have a whole bunch of favorite commercial theme developers (many of whom are listed in the Commercial bunch), but I visit them directly, and never even thought of finding them on .ORG.


  6. Ryan Hellyer

    I haven’t paid much attention to the interface itself, but I have noticed a sharp increase in people contacting me for support for my theme, which I’m hoping is a sign that more people are using it.


  7. Dave Chu

    It is a decent looking improvement. When browsing themes, though, I noticed that they didn’t make an obvious link to the ratings, although you can at least click on a bar for a particular star rating, and then you get to the ratings area. That’s awkward, though.

    It would be nice if on the theme’s main page, they could link the word “Ratings” to the main ratings page.


  8. Andre

    Just an update to my last comment. I wanted to see how the traffic compared over the last few months to see if there was indeed a major drop in exposure and traffic.I’m not sure how the other commercial sites there are doing in traffic, but for myself, I’ve seen a 60% to 70% drop in traffic.

    Granted, the new theme directory looks better than it did before, but the commercial listings are “all at the back of the bus”.

    I thought they might have made a better adjustment to the commercial link on the page, like make it an actual button or more contrast at least.


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