1. Peter Cralen

    So comments by default allow some HTML formatting, but not sure how to tell that to visitors/commenters? Comment Editor does not contain any buttons like here in WPTavern or any description/info about that.


  2. Danny Brown

    Of course, if you use Postmatic, you already have awesome comment moderation options. :)


  3. Peter Cralen

    Another interesting thing is that Discussion Settings is the part of WP with the most options available. Not sure if any decision was taken there :)

    So probably many settings like pingbacks, trackbacks, settings for avatars could be completely removed and kept all these functionalities just for plugins.
    Just make a comment section simple and clean but easily extensible with plugins.
    Not logical to me to have more options for comments than for anything else.
    WPTavern is a good example, even with so many options on Discussion settings, the site uses plugin for comments.


  4. Mihai

    Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to let you know that my plugin, WPBruiser (GoodBye Captcha), already has the “Maximum Comment Field Length” functionality implemented allowing users to easily configure the comment form fields length.

    Because my plugin requires at least WordPress 3.5 or or higher, in order to keep compatibility, based on wp_get_comment_fields_max_lengths function’s code, I’ve implemented the same functionality in WPBruiser. By doing this, users do not have to wait until WP 4.5 will be officially released or, in order to use this functionality they won’t be forced to update.

    If the plugin detects WordPress 4.5 or higher, the WordPress’ wp_get_comment_fields_max_lengths filter will be used, otherwise WPBruiser will use its own implementation.

    Also, I’ve implemented the “Maximum Comment Field Length” taking care of the integration with Epoch so… I’ve got it to work with Epoch as well.

    A week ago, I’ve sent you more details about this implementation by email but… no reply since.

    I’m looking forward to reviewing plugins that allow users to easily configure the comment length limits

    I’ll really appreciate having my plugin reviewed here on WPTavern

    ~ Mihai


    • KTS915

      Yours is a great plugin, Mihai. I use it with the default WP login page and also with PlanSo Forms. Excellent! Thanks!


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