1. Peter Cralen

    Additional a check box for “open link in a new tab ” included in that modal would be cool.


  2. Eugene Kopich

    This feature also has a shortcut – CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac). In this case you don’t need to highlight the entire text of link. It’s enough to put the cursor on the desired word and press “insert link btn” or ctrl+k


  3. Paul

    I must be the only one who prefers to write his posts entirely in HTML. ;)


  4. Manuel

    I have mixed feelings about this. If it can make searching for existing posts a bit easier, I’m all for it. However, I think the old interface did a fine job.

    If it were me, I’d have polished the modal popup a bit further, doing things like autofocusing on the search box and adding selective search (like searching only posts, pages, etc).

    Maybe a bit of parsing like Google would be nice, such as typing type:page to narrow down results more easily.


    • Andy M.

      I agree that the old modal was fine as well, and I had my doubts about this new approach when I first saw it. But it’s grown on me. This new tooltip does a good job of keeping you “in flow” – that is, you’re still in the editor, rather than navigating to a new pop-up window.


      • Holly Jahangiri

        That was what excited me about it, initially. And if we could make the default “open in a new window” and make the inline link editor disappear when we’re done with it, it could be awesome. Unfortunately, those two features are missing.


  5. Douglas

    This is great. Would also appreciate the additional check box for “open link in a new tab ”


  6. Francis

    That would be a cool feature especially linking to existing posts. Never a dull moment with WordPress. Thanks guys.


  7. Jay Syder

    Is it just me but why wouldn’t you either add the autocomplete feature to the existing modal or move everything to this new inline modal. Also does that mean if you edit a link it brings up the full modal. Just seems a bit weird trying make things easier by making one bit easier and an other an extra click.


    • Ricardo Ribeiro

      Absolutely. To me this change is a major hazard. I need to define the “open in new tab” plus most of my llinks are externar which means an extra http:// until the system figures out what I want to use. Loads of extra work for nothing in return. Actively looking for a way to disable this so called “improvement”.


      • Scott Sanders

        we use ‘open in new tab’ for most links. complete hassle to take the extra step. so bummed.


      • Jeff

        I have to agree this is a step backward. If I want to use an internal link, I have to scroll horizontally to see the entire names. Everything worked fine and now there are extra steps involved. BTW, if you’re going to mess with the link system, throw a “nofollow” checkbox in there too requiring less editing too.


  8. Pablo Molina

    This feature breaks the editor.

    In this image you can see the modal window goes to the bottom of the page. And the editor is blank and frozen. To make it work again, you have to close the page/post and then open it.

    This behavior is present in many sites, with different plugins. Java script conflict?

    Anyone with a similar problem?



  9. David B.

    The new modal must be optional, or removed.

    All my links are “open in new window,” and I must be able to control that without an extra click.

    Respect the users.


    • Knut Sparhell

      I am the user of thousands of websites, now yours included. When opening a link I have at least three ways to open it in another tab or window. Or not, if you just stop adding target=_blank to them. I want to decide, but you use force.

      Respect the users, please.


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