1. Peter Cralen (@PeterCralen)

    Probably my favorite “feature” in 4.3. This will save some time and nerves ;)


  2. Nick Halsey

    Note that in my comment quoted above, the “the admin becomes significantly more accessible from the front-end, the often-unhelpful dashboard is de-emphasized, etc.” part is in reference to replacing the “site title” dropdwon menu with the entire admin menu (as the widgets/menus/themes links there aren’t super useful), which will likely happen in 4.4 now.


  3. Piet

    Is there a reason that I cannot see this in the beta4?


  4. Dusan Kitic

    Really nice addition! It will save some time like Peter said.


  5. Marcus L Tibesar

    There is no such thing as a ‘simple change’ ;-) I would appreciate a screen shot of what is under the new Customize menu please. Thanks for all the hard work on this – it is appreciated. Having the widgets and menus not be consistent (one going to Customizer and one going to the backend) was a real pain and I never did get use to it. THANK YOU!


    • Drew Jaynes

      I would appreciate a screen shot of what is under the new Customize menu please

      There are no child menus under the new Customize link in the Toolbar, it’s top-level only. Hope that helps.


  6. Andreas Nurbo

    Do people use the Customizer so often that it requires a dedicated top level spot? It can get quite crowded with the top level links.


  7. Chris Cree

    Yes! This is a win. At least from my perspective, anyway. Was very frustrating to have to remember to go to Dashboard –> Appearance –> Widgets to get to the Widget admin instead of just clicking on the Widgets drop down.

    I get that the customizer is where WordPress is going. But I still don’t like using it personally. But then I still nearly exclusively use the text editor for publishing instead of the visual editor too. So I know I’m no where near the center of the user bell curve. Heh.


    • Alec Kinnear

      Yes, this is great. It gets the Customizer out of traditional Appearance editing. Can’t imagine how many panicked support calls this fix has made unnecessary.

      I’m on your bellcurve, Chris. The less javascript the better. Letters in even the comments here appear with a five second lag much of the time.


    • Miroslav Glavić

      I hate it when a plugin adds their own main level menu, under let’s say Appearance, Plugins, etc…they should go under as a sub-menu. Less top level menu options the better.


  8. Paal Joachim Romdahl

    Btw I have a post on adjusting the top frontend admin toolbar.

    If you check example 4 it shows you how to remove the existing customizer links and adds additional links such as media library, plugins, all pages and all posts.


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