WordPress 3.0 Upgrade Woes Starting To Come In

As is common with every release of WordPress, once the stable version reaches the masses, that is when the bug reports start flying in. WordPress 3.0 is no exception. However, the volunteers that make up the WordPress.org support forum are on top of things and have created a special sticky thread which lists the most common problems being reported as well as solutions. So far, the podcasting plugin by TSG, HeadSpace2, Event Calendar, fatal error due to allowed memory size being exhausted, and stuck in maintenance mode are being reported the most. I’ve upgraded WPTavern to 3.0 today and didn’t experience any issues. However, had I needed to revert the site to the previous version, BackupBuddy would have came to the rescue.

How did your upgrade go?


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  1. Pretty seamless. Oddly, the wp-db-backup plugin, which I ran before doing the upgrade, failed on one of my sites, but that can hardly be blamed on 3.0. (Random glitch, perhaps, since it worked properly half an hour later.) Otherwise, no issues so far.

  2. My own upgrade was utterly flawless. No problems whatsoever.

    Of course, I had my BackupBuddy backup at the ready, just in case. :)

  3. I just did an upgrade on one of my niche site and don’t see any problem.

    Anyway, I’ll wait before upgrading all my sites to be on the safe site.

  4. I got some blogs over to 3.0 fine, but I’m sort of dreading trying to upgrade my MU install. From what I’ve gathered so far it looks like they’re making going from ‘multi-user’ to ‘multi-site’ a bit convoluted.

  5. I ran into problems on one of my sites, specifically with the Podcasting Plugin by TSG, that Jeff talked about above. It wasn’t anything that a Google search and a trip to the wordpress.org forums couldn’t handle.

    But overall, on all of my other sites, the upgrade was quick and easy.

  6. This is why I’ve been saying that WordPress should have a Known Issues part in the official announcement and/or release notes.

    Most issues people are encountering were known:

    1. HeadSpace2 JS conflicts: Known beforehand. (Experienced it myself, and also reported it at the HeadSpace2 bugtracker.)

    2. Insufficient memory for upgrading: Known beforehand very well.

    3. Stuck in maintenance mode. Known beforehand. (Experienced it myself some time ago.)

    4. DB drop-ins incompatibility. Expected and known since the beginning of the MU merge.


    http://op111.net/76 ‹ See what is new in WordPress 3.0!

  7. I agree with Demetris — I get not wanting to have a section on the announcement post, but since many of these issues were expected, a heads-up for stuff like the memory limit or maintenance mode would have been nice.

    On my end, no problems. Still waiting for work to upgrade, which will be the real test.

  8. for one of my blogs it went fine, for the other it said “automatic upgrade failed. please try again”. i tried again, same result, it said i should do manual upgrade. did that too, same result. deactivated all plugins, went to default theme – same result. and my theme (magazine basic) tells me i don’t have enough rights to modify its parameters – although from the theme editor it works.
    any idea about what this could mean? thanks in advance.

  9. Major problem with permalink structure. Post after upgrade works fine. All others say there’s a page redirection problem. In default mode, the links work, but not with pretty permalinks; my htaccess file reads “right.”

  10. I’ve been beta testing with a single -> multisite, a single site and a wpmu -> multisite. No major issues, just some weird ‘This is what happens when you use a beta/RC version.’ Nothing that couldn’t be fixed in 5 minutes.

    Demetris – The problem with a known issues release is … unless a beta tester had the problem, there’s no way to know. 10k plugins, and MAYBE 200 testers? We’d each have to use 50 totally different plugins to have a chance of it :( As it was, I know of a handful of plugins we did find as being borked, and many of us betas did tell them and work out some solutions :)

    Caryn Goldsmith – Open a topic on the WP.org support forums if you haven’t already.

  11. No problems what so ever on any of the automatic dashboard upgrades I did.

    I kept up with the nightly builds from first beta through release on one site and didn’t really have any problems except for the failed memory limit way early on.

    One minor defect I’m seeing on one install is that I am getting the black dot upgrade available message when I first log in to the dashboard. When I click update it goes away and says I have the latest version.

  12. @Ipstenu:

    But that’s what I’m saying. Many of the issues people are experiencing now were known long before.

    The issue with plugins that replace/extend the wpdb class was known. (I asked myself about it at the dev IRC channel, at the time the first changes in wpdb were made, and nacin replied then and explained why it was happening.) The memory exhaustion issue was known. There was even a whole, long ticket dedicated to it. The stuck-in-maintenance-mode issue must have been known too. (I experienced it myself a couple of times while testing, but can’t recall if I mentioned it or reported it officially.) The HeadSpace2 issue was known. (I had myself a discussion about it with ocean90 on the dev channel a few weeks ago.)

    And these are just the issues that had come to my personal attention. (I follow wp development, and I have 3 live sites running on trunk all the time. So, I see quite a few issues first-hand, but I do not see, and no single person can see, every issue that may be expected in every configuration. That’s where the collective experience of testers and contributors comes in: with so many people involved, we can reasonably expect to be aware of all serious issues that may be expected in common configurations.)

    So, if there are issues that are known, why not make a list of them before the final release, instead of waiting to make a sticky thread after the release?

    http://op111.net/76 ‹ See what is new in WordPress 3.0!

  13. Nice to see that the upgrade is going well. I have also seen most of the problems above so I’ll go ahead with the upgrade as soon as I finish my complete backup.

    The article above mentions a backup plugin. I just want to caution anyone with a large website on the use of Backup Plugins. I host my site at GoDaddy (will be moving to Dreamhost soon) and after trying to use a backup plugin, GoDaddy shut down my site because the backup plugin was crashing their server. I am backing up via ftp now prior to my WP 3 upgrade.

  14. Demetris , I knew about the memory issue, but not the plugins I didn’t use (out of sight out of mind). But. There’s nothing wrong with you making a codex page on it :) I mean, the codex is open for anyone to edit, in a way, for that purpose. If you see a void, the lovely thing about open source is that you can fill it.

  15. I ran the automatic upgrade from dreamhost.com It said the backup failed but still upgraded. Now I am sitting at a screen and it wants me to set up the site again from scratch. Anyone know how I can get back my data…

  16. @jonathan – Sounds like you might need to restore your site via a backup you have done, that’s if you do regular site backups? Everyone should! Don’t always rely on hosting providers backups.

    If not then you might be in a bit of a pickle. The only upgraders people should use is the one built into WordPress. I have seen some bad things using control panels like the ones at DH go bad.

  17. @Caryn Goldsmith

    Incase anyone else runs into this with the WordPress upgrade breaking the links. I just hit the same problem. Once I saw Caryn’s comment about pretty permalinks, I tested one of the new shortlinks (which is essentially the defaults) and it worked correctly. With that in mind, I went Settings -> Permalinks and set the blog to Default. Then hard refreshed the front end and made sure everything worked (yes). Then I went back to Settings -> Permalinks and reset it to /%postname%/, and again hard refreshed the front end and it all worked. I assume this sets a rewrite rule in the htaccess that had somehow gotten jumbled. That fixed it. Hope this helps someone!


  18. Had the same problem as Jonathan. Upgraded from 2.9.2 via Fantastico. No errors at all, but now my home page is the set up screen of WP asking me to fill out my site name, etc.


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