WordPress 2.7.1 RC 1 Released

Ryan Boren announced on the WordPress Testers mailing list today that WordPress 2.7.1 RC1 has been released. So far, looks like a couple of bugs have been squashed with the potential for a few more before this version hits the public. Here is a short list composed by Ryan announcing the bugs fixed thus far.

  • URL column in Edit Links removes www. from domains that end in www
  • Theme preview fails when theme in subdirectory
  • Draft Saved’ current_time not reflecting timezone setting in the edit area
  • Revisions do not respect time zone offset
  • Canonical redirect of feed URLs with suffixes is wrong
  • index.php file in the plugins folder makes the Dashboard fail

You can grab WordPress 2.7.1 RC1 here. By the way, according to my last 2.7.1 post, I’m in line to take the bet that 2.7.1 will be released on Monday February 9th, but I guess we’ll see.


One response to “WordPress 2.7.1 RC 1 Released”

  1. index.php file in the plugins folder makes the Dashboard fail

    That one kicked my butt a few times. I had a few old installs of WP where I’d added blank index.php files in my attempts of plugins etc, instead of using htacess foo and viola – toasted WP – usually the /wp-admin would just go blank, but all other admin urls worked fine.


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