WordPress 2.7 A Milestone In Its Own Right

As has been mentioned by a few other people and websites, namely WPHacks.com, WordPress 2.7 is a milestone in its own right. In his post, Kyle mentions how long it had been since 2.7.1 was released essentially confirming how well the beta testing phase went for the release of WordPress 2.7. So, I decided to do some investigating to see how long it took between a major version of WordPress being released and the first point release. While dates are not exact, they were close enough to where I could round them off as being a month.

    1 month 2.0
    1 month 2.1
    1 month 2.2
    1 month 2.3
    1 month 2.5
    1 month 2.6
    2 months 2.7

So as you can see, WordPress 2.7 is the only one since 2.0 to have two months go by before a point release. This is a testament to the entire beta testing audience which helped solve a ton of bugs before the release of WordPress 2.7. So pat yourself on the back if you were one of these testers. If not, pat someone on the back who did.

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