WordPress 2.7.1 Available To The Public

Just moments ago, WordPress 2.7.1 was released to the public. This releases contains 68 fixed tickets. Nothing really in the way of features as this is more like a maintenance release.

To upgrade if you’re using WordPress 2.7, browse to TOOLS-UPGRADE and click on the upgrade button. I would still back everything up just in case.

Consult the list of fixed tickets and the full set of changes between 2.7 and 2.7.1 for details.

By the way, my initial bet was for the release of 2.7.1 for Monday, February 9th. Looks like I lost the bet but I was darn close.


6 responses to “WordPress 2.7.1 Available To The Public”

  1. Meh – just moments later I realized all the blogs I need to update :P

    Of course I’ve already updated my personal/family blog – only seconds later and it’s running 2.7.1 and all seems good.

    Let’s see Jeff, how long will it take you, as I see WPTavern is still on 2.7 – c’mon get with the times – it’s been almost an hour :-)

  2. @Kel – Hmm, I seem to be experiencing the same issue others are in that, the upgrade screen is telling me that I’m using the most up to date version of the software with no upgrade available

  3. @Jeffro
    Heh – yeah, me too. Half of the sites I want to update are still on “alternate hemisphere” time apparently. Dashboard RSS feeds from Automattic tell the news, but the core update pinger ain’t singin.

  4. Yeah I checked 5 sites and only 1 had the upgrade notice. Guess the roll-out is somewhat scaled to help the server load I bet.


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