1. Lorelle

    I adore Maya and it’s amazing how much she keeps a handle on all the things going on with Automattic, yet, she gets so little attention. She deserves a ton of applause as Matt and his team would have a hard time without her.

    And WordCamps around the world also owe her big as she has held their hand through all the various stages of event planning and development. She’s one of my WordPress heroines!


  2. Adam W. Warner

    Hopefully, the revised store will offer a more useful coffee mug too:)


  3. Lloyd Budd

    @Adam W. Warner – Jeffro you might want to remove that “more useful” link for now. Google is reporting it as harmful in Firefox.


  4. Adam W. Warner

    Uh oh…that’s not cool, feel free to remove and I’ll look into it.


  5. Jeffro

    @Lloyd Budd – Interesting, I’ve removed the link but when I put it into FireFox, I didn’t see the malware warning.


  6. Adam W. Warner

    Yeah, I checked and I don’t see any warnings either.


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