Congrats To Automattic – 100 Strong

Automattic Logo

Matt Mullenweg announced on Twitter this morning that Automattic has now reached 100 employees. By Monday, November 14th the company will reach 102. If you would like to be part of the next 100 employees at Automattic, check out their jobs page.

By the way, a new position has opened up that doesn’t really require coding experience but rather being in the San Francisco area to be Toni Schneiders right hand man in managing the new Automattic Lounge. The most interesting aspect of this job posting is that no one knows where exactly the new Automattic Lounge is located. While @beaulebens is responsible for publishing the job posting link on Twitter, even Otto42 doesn’t know where the new lounge is located.

The previous lounge for Automattic which was located within Pier38 in San Francisco was shut down due to safety and building code violations.

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  1. Lounge manager, that is a real CV builder and a great career move, where do I sign up?


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