1. M

    Great job from the Woo team.
    The new account page looks very sleek and professional.
    Adding Shipping zones to WC core was much needed and is much appreciated.

    As for the REST API, the version 3 was already a good iteration but this new version scaffolding on the WP REST API is a smart move.

    As always, security audits and security hardening must stay a top priority.


  2. Robert

    I’m glad I can finally get rid of a complex table rate shipping plugin I was using in a couple of sites thanks to the new shipping zones feature.
    Thanks Woo Team!


  3. Michael

    I’m finding it impossible to use the new shipping zones feature with the woothemes USPS plugin. For example, in addition to a flat rate for US shipping, I also want to show shipping upgrades like priority mail flat rate box options. Do you know how to make this work?


  4. nrht

    By making the shipping options cater to the lowest common denominator, it has seriously hosed up those of us that use UPS, FedEx, or USPS plugins. Now my customers are offered the most expensive shipping rate by default (and I’m getting annoyed calls) and there is no way for us to now reorder the shipping methods.

    Either they didn’t think this one through, or they haven’t provided the proper training for the rest of us that don’t use one fixed priced shipping method for every product like Woocommerce assumes.


    • Mike

      nrht, I agree with you.. The shipping zones feature should include all the major shipping providers like USPS, FedEx and UPS. Zones are fine, but don’t restrict us to the built in stuff.


  5. qerwaf

    To reorder your shipping methods in 2.6, you can use this snippet:


    To find your various shipping option names that your site uses, look in your database (using phpMyadmin) at:
    wp_options > woocommerce_shipping_method_order.

    Here you’ll find all your active shipping methods names.

    (I recommend using the WordPress plugin called Code Snippets instead of editing your functions.php file all the time. https://wordpress.org/plugins/code-snippets/).


  6. Pete

    I will agree with the above comments on the revised shipping. It is definitely not an upgrade for anyone dependent on USPS or FedEx plugins. You can’t order the shipping methods (Zone shipping comes before USPS and FedEx). Since Free shipping and Pickup are going to be discontinued unless setup in Zone shipping they will always appear first. I need to talk to my programmer to see what he can do but for my products which often involve truck rates from FedEx. Shipping got more complicated. Guess I have to start shopping for another plugin.


  7. Michael

    Here’s the one I have to arrange rates in order of lowest to highest price:

    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_package_rates’ , ‘businessbloomer_sort_shipping_methods’, 10, 2 );

    function businessbloomer_sort_shipping_methods( $rates, $package ) {

    if ( !$rates ) return;

    $tmp = Array();
    foreach( $rates as $ma ) {
    $tmp[] = $ma->cost;

    array_multisort( $tmp, $rates );

    return $rates;


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