1. Ryan Hellyer

    This seems a similar idea to the new Shopify / WebDev Studios plugin … https://webdevstudios.com/portfolio/shopify/


  2. Scott Hartley

    Ghost may or may not. But it’s not a real CMS. Ghost is a cms in the way blogger is a cms. You are limited to the functions of a blog.

    WordPress has a lot more functionality, can be used for stores, forums, social networks and more.

    Will ghost take more market share. Probably due to the fact most basic users are after a blog and nothing more. But WordPress wins in the enterprise sites who are looking for a lot more than just a blogging platform.


  3. David Anderson

    I’m supposing that there’s master plan for a “hosted WooCommerce” service to do away with all plugin management entirely – otherwise, the gain of “one less plugin to manage, though you will have to (etc.)”, doesn’t seem that compelling.

    Specifically: “However, WC Connect does require users to connect to WordPress.com via Jetpack” – this seems to cancel out the main benefit touted, of less plugins/updates/keys (unless you have JetPack already).

    I also wonder why, in the long term, shop owners would want to bring in Automattic as a middle-man between themselves and USPS. Presumably, USPS will be able to provide their own service to WooCommerce that does exactly the same thing, using the same hooks. Automattic’s will be baked into the default WooCommerce install, of course. But USPS, providing the same service, would have the blessed ‘official’ status, and no middle man needed, which seems more attractive.

    In summary… it feels a bit like this change isn’t compelling enough to be something Automattic would pursue – unless it’s just one piece of something much bigger.


    • Min015

      I am a general WordPress user with little experience in development. I came to know WordPress because of my interest in On-line Store. For people like me, having a WooCommerce Connect plugin (similar to Jetpack) with lot of functionality to choose makes sense.

      This option may not appeal to many developers (middlemen) but very much appeals to end users like me. My suggestion is WooCommerce team & Automattic should focus on end-users and help them run their online-store without hiring developers (middlemen) with huge price tag.


  4. Steven Gliebe

    It would be interesting to see WooCommerce become like Jetpack where the official extensions become modules in one plugin with some being powered by a paid subscription.


  5. Jeffr0

    Just to clear some things up, the two comments that were here previously by John o’ Nolan were not by John but an imposter. This is why they were removed. I should have trusted my gut instinct.


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