Who Has Contributed To 3.0 So Far?

Andrew Nacin who is one of the core developers for WordPress has put together an interesting visualization that displays all of the names of those who have contributed patches to the core of WordPress, specifically, 3.0. No surprise that Andrews own name shows up pretty large along with a few notable others.

So, based on a Trac report I made for demetris so he can compile the list of contributors, I generated these word clouds. These are based on changesets 12456 to 14319 (thus, as of this morning). Of 1864 commits, 677 of them had props given, for a total of 720 props (some commits had more than one). Patches were contributed by 170 people so far, the most ever (or so I’m told).

Head on over to his site to check out both the Wordle and the Tag Cloud. Congrats as well as a hearty thanks to all of those individuals who contributed patches to make WordPress 3.0 possible.


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