1. WinningWP

    Great to hear them making yet another fantastic contribution to the WP community! – you gotta give them ten gold stars for effort! Can they really get the best with the must(?)-relocate proviso though I wonder…


  2. Matt

    Saw this linked from the WP Engine footer — has anything happened here yet?


    • Sarah Gooding

      Last we’d heard (in early December) was that WP Engine hired Steven Word full time to work on core and is still looking for another person to hire.


    • Tomas Puig (@tnpuig)

      Hi Matt,

      We have Steven Word as a full time developer / core contributor on the WordPress project with the Labs team. He’s currently managing the Feeds code I believe and you can find him on Slack if you want to chat. He’s based in the Bay Area with our San Francisco office if you ever want to say hello.

      We’re also still interviewing for engineers and other Labs staff to join us.


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