1. Japh

    Great write up, Sarah. It is definitely exciting to see more and more experimentation with HHVM and faster technologies. Particularly now they’re starting to become available for general use through hosting platforms.

    I’m surprised Pagely didn’t get a mention, as they’ve been offering HHVM on their VPS plans since they moved to their Amazon-based platform.

    Looking forward to seeing if and when other hosts start to offer this too!


  2. dotBen

    Wow, it’s great to finally read a post on WP Tavern where you guys didn’t trash WP Engine.


  3. Ryan Sullivan

    It’s definitely great that WP Engine has got this up and going. I love me some Hip Hop Virtual Machine (acronyms for what?).

    I know that when Pagely moved to their AWS platform they had HHVM setup on their upper tier plans as well, so naming them in that “one of the firsts” group would probably be good form.

    Best news is we all end up with a faster web (eventually)!


  4. DerpPress

    Next, WP Engine will start billing people based on number of people who think about your website.


  5. cbunting99

    Guess that 1.5 MIl that WordPress.com invested wasn’t really worth a dime!

    http://gtmetrix.com/reports/wpengine.com/eIRS71nW <– Very sad!

    I can use my zionx server, https://github.com/zionwp/zionX with W3 Total Cache, xCache, A seperate minify setup without varnish or memcached, I can make their site load in under a second..

    Maybe skill beats technology…


  6. EtherealMind

    My experience of WP Engine was awful. Months of intermittent performance problems costs my business dearly and the tech support was much worse. They consistently blamed me for the problems, and when pushed offered expensive upgrade plans.

    Like the author, my experience is very negative. They are unable to cope with growth and the management act like a bunch of teenagers organising school activities.

    Much happier since I quit them and moved elsewhere.


  7. Chris Wiegman

    Glad to see this and the improvements in general over at WPE. It seems they have definitely turned the corner and are quickly rising out of their slump.


  8. Steven Jones

    Shame about the other 99% of users on WPEngine who are still running on PHP 5.3.


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